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City Drive
Music to take you away
Short Song Description:
It's been a long day
Long Song Description:
Yeah, What he said
Story Behind the Song:
Leaving work ... Picked up by a passing space ship and the mayhem that follows... what fun
Lyric Credits: N/A
Music Credits: David Robinson
Producer Credits: David Robinson
Publisher Credits: David Robinson
Performance Credits: David Robinson
Label Credits: David Robinson
Song Length: 3:37
Primary Genre: Rock-Psychedelic
Secondary Genre: World-World Beat
Tempo / Feel: Tempo Undefined
Subject Matter 1: Philosophy
Subject Matter 2: Luck/Coincidence
Mood 1: Tense
Mood 2: Enchanting
Similar Artist 1: Kraftwerk
Similar Artist 2: Soundgarden
Language: English
Era: 2000 and later