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Hgh Skool
I just carry on
Mindin' My own business
Never ever try to do Anybody no wrong
Work, Eat, Sleep, and play my Guitar
I never Go and Hang around in
Those Sleezy Barz
Now I find
my Name for no reason
Seems to be
A Target On my back
I'm in season
It Goes Around
Like I'm at a High School reunion
Oh No
Sometimes I wish I had a Gang
I Hope They never See Your fangs
My space said you were my friend
you said it would never end
Why do you spread tainted news
you Know I really think I've paid my dues
Never Ever Tell me what you need
Communication Breakdown
So I'll Just carry on
Mindin' My own Business
trying not to let you get me down
You can play in High School
I didn't like it
When I was there the
First time around
Short Song Description:
Blog fodder
Story Behind the Song:
rough demo
Lyric Credits: David Robinson
Music Credits: David Robinson
Producer Credits: David Robinson
Publisher Credits: David Robinson
Performance Credits: David Robinson
Label Credits: David Robinson
Song Length: 3:13
Primary Genre: Blues-General
Secondary Genre: Blues-General
Lead Vocal: Mixed Vocals
Subject Matter 1: School
Mood 1: Irritated